Fast Food vs Fast Casual

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Fast food has thrived and had a leg up on the restaurant competition for decades. The convenience, cost, and the taste of the major fast food chains have kept millions of people coming back every single year. It’s not the healthiest choice, but it does the job for those on the go or who don’t have options to feed their family for the minimal cost. But maybe times are changing, and we’re headed to a new kind of fast; a fast-casual restaurant – higher quality food, full customer service, overall dining aesthetics, and still at a pretty low price.

Fast-Casual service is better quality food than the drive thru

Fast food is just that and you do the rest – order, pick it up, and throw away the trash. In a fast-casual restaurant, there is seating like in a fast food restaurant but perhaps with better aesthetics, and an option for food to be brought to your table side, curb side, or even delivered for a nominal fee. With mobile apps on the rise and outsourcing of meal delivery, you can have exactly what you want with the pleasure of staying home if you so choose.

Better food and ingredients in each fast-casual meal

Food is fresh, not frozen and definitely at a higher standard and variety of ingredients at a fast-casual spot versus the fast food chain. You’re looking for inexpensive, but more than the basic crispy onion rings and burger joint. If available, locally sourced food is purchased and prepared in house and made to order. In many cities, this type of dining offers options for those with dietary restrictions as well.

Expect the prices at a fast-casual restaurant to be slightly higher

If you can expect better food and excellent service, then you can expect that fast-casual dining is going to be a little bit more buck. But what’s a slight increase in cost when you benefit from feeling good about what you’re eating and served by those who are happy to be of service. Fast food chains are closely watching, you may notice some slight improvements to their menu or ingredients.

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