What is a Dolma or Dolmades?


‘Dolma’ or ‘Dolmades’ (the plural of Dolma) translates to stuffed vegetables, they are typically made using grape leaves and are stuffed with rice, herbs and/or meat, at a very basic level. How they are spiced up and served is where the difference between a great Dolma and an okay Dolma.

It’s believed that dolma was developed by ancient Greeks and Persians, it was originally as a dish of vine leaves stuffed with fruits, nuts, meats, and rice. Historians have noted that conquerors from the Turkish conquest of Constantinople in 1453 fell in love with the region’s dolma recipe, and stuffed pepper derive from this and became a delicacy for the Ottomans. It was initially made solely for the Sultan and his guests, but eventually became a favorite dish of commoners, too.

Many Greek recipes are passed down through many generations and Dolmades are no different. We specialize in making our Dolmades vegetarian. Our recipe has been in the family for many generations. We use pickled grape leaves and fill them with a combination of rice, herbs, and lemon. Then we slow cook them to tender perfection. They make a great appetizer or side dish to accompany any meal.